How I Got Free Movie Tickets by Abusing QR-Code

January 9, 2019 • ☕️ 2 min read

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A few days ago, when I browsing Instagram, I found something that quite catch my eyes.

I’ve found a post from @soloinfo account that posted about movie ticket giveaway of How to Train your Dragon 3 for 2 people. The giveaway was quite simple and same as the commonly giveaway, where user comment and tag other user, then the winner will be determined by randomly selecting those comments.

Here’s the image of the post.

Instagram Post

How to Train your Dragon Pwn Someone Tickets

Because the QR code on that image is quite suspicious, I quickly tried to import the image into QRazyBox and edited some closed parts with manual reconstruction.

Reconstructing QR code

Then, looked at the specification of the QR code.

QR Specification

Surprisingly, the QR code using Error Correction Level High, where as long as there’s around 40% of undamaged part, we can still recover the QR code with Reed-Solomon.

As a measurement, damaged QR code like the following image can be still fully read when using Error Correction Level H.

Broken QR code

If such QR code like the above image can still be recovered, especially with the QR code from the post that we talked about where the damaged part is only around 40%.

Let’s quickly use Reed-Solomon Decoder feature to recover the message.

Reed-Solomon Decoding

Voila! We finally got the value #6285647329322;83664, where 6285647329322 is the phone number of the person who ordered the ticket and 83664 is the ticket booking code. Quickly insert that number into M-Tix machine and we got two free tickets :).

Moral of Story

So, what message can we take from this story?

As a User

Please, stop sharing any QR code that contain sensitive data to the Internet like the social media, even if you already censored it.

Nowadays, almost all tickets, receipts, or ther transaction proof use QR code as a medium to validating these transactions because apart from being simple, QR code also have advantages in fast data reading and quite flexible to store any kind of data.

One Does not Simply

As a Developer

As a developer who developing system that involve QR code, we should carefully select Error Correction Level

QR code with Error Correction Level H on the digital medium like the online ticket is not suitable in my opinion, because Level H intended to QR code that will be distributed in the environment that has the potential to damage the QR code itself (for example QR code that pyshically printed in the public place).

We should better use Level L or Level M to digital QR code and Level Q to physically printed QR code instead.

Anyway, I’ve contacted admin from @soloinfo about this and because I didn’t intend to claim the ticket, the giveaway is still running normally.